Repairing Kit GF3, thread RTG Ø 6 mm 15-parts for GF3 fiberglass rod Ø 3 mm

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Item no. 20819
€ 35,00
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  • 15-parts
  • Very high yield
  • For repairing GF3 glass fibre rods
  • Fast solution
  • Dries within 10 minutes
  • Stainless steel / brass sleeves


15-Part set for repairing glass fibre rods GF3 Ø 3 mm. The patented guiding head (external thread RTG Ø 6 mm) with twist adjustment is optimally suited for the GF3 glass fibre rod Ø 3 mm. The newly developed kink protection makes it possible to overcome bending radii of up to R = 38 mm. An extra large eyelet hole of the enclosed pulling eye ensures a higher cable capacity of up to 7 x 2.5 mm². One drop of the special adhesive is enough for approx. 3 - 5 cm² adhesive surface. Dries within 10 minutes - see safety data sheet for instructions! The mounting wrench can be used to tighten or loosen the guiding head with kink protection. Stainless steel
Application film: You can watch a short, very informative application film by scanning the QR code or at
Scope of supply: 1 x guiding head with twist adjustment, 2 x kink protection, 2 x mounting wrench, 1 x pulling eye Ø 7 mm, 6 x adhesive joints (brass), 1 x coupling joint, 1 x starting bulb Ø 11 mm

Technical data

Recommended tube-Ø: 10 - 50 mm
EAN-Code: 9120045477276

Scope of supply

1 x Guiding head with swivel, 2 x kink protection, 2 x mounting-wrench, 1 x pulling eyelet Ø 7 mm, 6 x adhesive joint, 1 x coupling joint, 1 x starting head Ø 11 mm
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