Promotion RUNPO 5 + RUNPOFIX 4pcs Set with hook Profi cablepulling device for conduits in diameters 16mm - 40mm + Cable pulling loop with protective cap and hook

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  • 50% less frictional resistance
  • 270 kg Total breaking load
  • Virtually break-free even with the tightest radii
  • Advantages compared to glass fibre rod
    no buckling, sticking => time savings
  • Guide tip (RUNPOGLEITER) with integrated twist compensation
  • 2 RUNPOGLEITER with twist compensation at the start and end of the spiral 


RUNPO 5 / 30m: Special reinforced polyester rod triple twisted Ø 5,3 mm in box, with pressed terminals-starting and ending flexible runpoglider with swivel for maximum bending and gliding behaviour. Recommended tube diameter 16-40 mm, bending radius 20 mm and tension loads of 270 kg. 

RUNPOFIX - Cable pulling loop with protective cap and hook.  Flexible loop made from stainless steel Ø 1.5 mm.  
The cable can easily be attached to the loop. The protective cap protects the plug from damage and can be pulled through the pipe without hanging loose. 
The hook enables the RUNPOFIX cable pull-in loop to be fi xed to all the eyelets on the RUMPOGLEITER products. (RUNPO 5, RUNPO 1) 
Application Video: A short but highly informative application video can be viewed by scanning 
the QR code on the data sheet(top left) or visiting 
Scope of delivery: 1 psc RUNPO 5 in 30m + 4 psc RUNPOFIX cable pulling loops in several sices

Technical data

Weight: 1,54 kg
EAN-Code: 9120045476651

Scope of supply

1 psc RUNPO 5 in 30m + 4 psc RUNPOFIX cable pulling loops in several sices
Product catalog (PDF)

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