RUNPO Z - Cable pulling grip (sock) with swivel supports cables of 6 - 9 mm diameter

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  • Swirl compensation and quick lock
  • 200 kg total breaking load
  • Attachment and pulling within seconds
  • Long service life
  • Instead of 2 cable pulling grips, the RUNPO Z


The patented RUNPO Z - cable pulling grip (sock) with swivel has an integrated swivel, which compensates for the twisting of the cable in the tube and thus protects the insertion system, the pulling sleeve and the cable enormously. The quick-release fastener, an ergonomically shaped hook, allows the unit to be attached and pulled in within seconds and there is no longer any need for time-consuming screwing and unscrewing. The total breaking load of 200 kg has been tested on the hook, the connecting pressures, the swivel and the stainless steel pulling sleeve braid. The hook, the connections and the pulling sleeve braid are made of high quality stainless steel, thus no rusting and long life of the RUNPO Z (cable pulling grip (sock). Instead of two conventional pulling sleeves, only the RUNPO Z (20274) is required.
Optimal area of application: The flexible stainless steel double braid supports cables of 9 - 15 mm diameter.
Scope of supply: 1 x RUNPO Z - Cable pulling grip Ø 6 - 9 mm

Technical data

Dimensions: L 300 x B 200 x H 10 mm
Diameter: 6 - 9 mm
Weight: 0,03 kg
Total tension load: 200 kg
Weave length: 310 mm
Material: Stainless steel weave
EAN-Code: 9120045473308

Scope of supply

1 x RUNPO Z - Cable pulling grip Ø 6 - 9 mm
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