RUNPOTEC Plug-in attachment Ø 40 mm for RUNPOTEC RT 2008

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  • Spare part for RUNPOTEC RT 2008
  • Fixable connection
  • Protects hands from abrasions

Plug-in attachment Ø 40 mm for RT 2008 specially designed as fixable connection to a flexible pipe Ø 40 mm and also suitable for flush mounting. 

APPLICATION VIDEO: You can watch a short, very informative application video by scanning the QR code or on 
Scope of delivery: RUNPOTEC plug-in attachment Ø 40 mm

product.techData.abmessungen: L 190 x B 65 x H 65 mm
product.techData.durchmesser: 40 mm
product.techData.gewicht: 0,07 kg
product.techData.eanCode: 9120045470451

RUNPOTEC plug-in attachment Ø 40 mm


Plug attachment rigid socket

Plug attachment rigid socket

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