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  • Incl. twist adjustment
  • Highest demolition safety
  • No need to change the head
  • More cable capacity (7 x 2.5 mm²)

RUNPOGLEITER with twist compensation and Runpotec RTG Ø 6 mm thread. Patented viewfinder with extremely good bending and sliding properties. Very high tensile load of 270 kg, no need to change the eyelet head, extra large eyelet hole for higher cable capacity - up to 7 x 2.5 mm². 
Suitable for Power REX, RUNPOSTICKS, glass fibre rod Ø 4.5 mm and Ø 6 mm. 
The integrated twist compensation allows the cable to rotate in the pipe and thus protects the push-in system and the cable enormously. 
Numerous stable safety reinforcements in the connection between the spiral strand and the RUNPOGLEITER guarantee highest protection against breakage (Ø 6 mm > 170 kg / Ø 7 mm > 270 kg) for RUNPOGLEITER spirals. 
The universal special eyelet head is not only ideal for pushing in cable pulling straps, it is also used for the actual pulling-in of the cables. It is thus not necessary to change the head! 
The extra large eyelet of the special eyelet head can accommodate more cables of up to 7 x 2.5 mm². This saves you valuable time! 
Application video: a short, very informative application video can be viewed by scanning the QR code or on 
Scope of delivery: 1 piece RUNPOTEC RUNPOGLEITER with twist compensation Ø 7 mm with RUNPOTEC RTG Ø 6 mm thread

product.techData.abmessungen: Length: 100 mm
product.techData.durchmesser: 7 mm
product.techData.bruchlast: 270 kg
product.techData.gewicht: 0,01 kg
product.techData.gewinde: RUNPOTEC RTG Ø 6 mm with swivel
product.techData.eanCode: 9120045473209

1 piece RUNPOTEC RUNPOGLEITER with twist compensation Ø 7 mm with RUNPOTEC RTG Ø 6 mm thread
Product catalog (PDF)

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