Pulling rope polyester Ø 8 mm incl. reel

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€ 328,00


  • Spliced loops at the start and end of the rope
  • Low rope elongation
  • Practical reel for controlled winding and unwinding of the rope
  • Reel with extendable feet
  • Reel with parking brake 


RUNPOTEC recommends using the connecting swivel with twist compensation for horizontal cable pulling. It reduces frictional resistance and protects the cable and the feed system. 

The reel allows controlled winding and unwinding of the rope. 
In addition, the rope is perfectly stowed away and ready for use at any time. 

Safety instructions: 
Not suitable for vertical cable pulling, must not be used to carry or lift loads or persons. Not recommended in combination with the CW 800 E capstan winch 

Optimal area of application: for horizontal cable pulling
Scope of delivery: pulling rope polyester Ø 8 mm incl. reel


product.techData.abmessungen: L 550 x B 220 x H 650 mm
product.techData.laenge: 120 Meter
product.techData.bruchlast: 1100 kg
product.techData.gewicht: 12 kg
product.techData.korbDurchmesser: 514 mm
product.techData.korbbreite: 70 mm
product.techData.material: Polyester rope
product.techData.durchmesserSeil: 8 mm
product.techData.schlaufe: 2x spliced-in loops


pulling rope polyester Ø 8 mm incl. reel


Connnection swirl with swivel

Connnection swirl with swivel

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accessories.price € 174,00
Product catalog (PDF)

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