RUNPOTEC RT 2008 - Basic unit optimal for pipe diameters 16 - 32 mm

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  • Extreme advance force through telescopic rod
  • Overcomes the tightest radii due to rotation capability
  • Highest torque when using an additional cordless screwdriver
  • Patented global innovation

Revolutionary cable pulling system - an absolute problem solver with patented penetrating power. 
The RT 2008 can only be used in combination with the RUNPOGLEITER spiral MET. Due to the integrated clamping jaws and the telescopic rod, the RT 2008 ensures an incomparable spiral feed. Thanks to the straight guide, the muscle power applied can be transferred directly to the pull-in spiral. 
In addition, the RUNPOGLEITER Spiral MET can be set in rotation by means of the third clamp and the ratchet handle. This enables continuous feed even with tight radii and longer distances. 
As of lengths of 20 m RUNPOTEC recommends supporting this with a cordless drill. 
Optimal application area: for pipe dimensions 16 mm - 32 mm 
APPLICATION VIDEO: You can watch a short, very informative application video by scanning the QR code or on 
Scope of delivery: RT 2008 basic unit without plug attachments, plug-in coupling and belt clip

product.techData.abmessungen: L 515 x B 65 x H 65 mm
product.techData.bruchlast: 170 kg (RUNPOGLIDER Spirale Met)
product.techData.distanzen: 0,50 Meter - 30 Meter
product.techData.rohrdurchmesser: 16 - 32 mm
product.techData.gewicht: 3,23 kg
product.techData.material: Special plastic
product.techData.eanCode: 9120045472585

 RT 2008 basic unit without plug attachments, plug-in coupling and belt clip


Belt clip + plug in coupling RT 2008

Belt clip + plug in coupling RT 2008

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accessories.price € 7,40
Product catalog (PDF)

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