Systemglider RC 2 for camera head RC 2

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€ 19,00


  • Protects RUNPOCAM RC2 and LED lamp 
    from possible impact edges
  • Centres or raises camera head RC2
    Better picture or viewing angle
  • Many adaptation options thanks to front RTG Ø 6 mm thread - compatible with all RUNPOTEC products with RTG Ø 6 mm thread

The RUNPOTEC SYSTEM GUIDE was primarily designed to transport the RUNPOCAM RC 2 without obstacles. 
The RUNPOTEC LED rechargeable high performance 320 lumen lamp can also be clipped onto the system slide. 

The system slide is optimally used in combination with RUNPOTEC glass fibre rods. Long distances in larger pipe cross sections such as ventilation pipes, drainage pipes or sewage pipes can be inspected here. 

The additional RTG Ø 6 mm front thread allows for various catch hooks, magnets or other RUNPOTEC accessories to be screwed on, thus opening up a wide range of other applications. 

Application video: a short, very informative application video can be viewed by scanning the QR code (top left) or on 
Scope of delivery: system slide RC 2 for camera head RC 2

product.techData.abmessungen: L 300 x B 210 x H 55 mm
product.techData.gewicht: 0,04 kg
product.techData.material: Special plastic
product.techData.gewinde: RUNPOTEC RTG Ø 6 mm front thread
product.techData.eanCode: 9120045476088
Product catalog (PDF)

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