X BOARD Profi-cable roller XB 500 loadable up to 800 kg

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  • Universal cable drum rewinder and unwinder
    Suitable for all types of cables, pipes, wires and cable drums
  • Loadable up to 800 kg
  • Excellent for damaged cable drums
  • Also suitable for loose cable bundles
  • Unwinding of 2 cable bundles simultaneously
  • Also suitable for empty conduits
  • Variable drum sizes
  • Non-slip and stable base 


The compact X-BOARD - XB 500 is a universal professional cable drum winder and unwinder for all types of cables and pipes (conductors, cable rings, cable drums, conduits, ropes and cable drums). 

It enables trouble-free and rational working without tangled cables. 

The X BOARD - XB 500 can be loaded up to 800 kg and is suitable for almost any type of drum. 

Especially suitable for damaged cable drums. 
The height-adjustable cover is perfectly designed to secure loose cables, cable rings or pipes in the X-BOARD XB500, thus preventing uncontrolled cable unwinding. 

12 rubberised feet ensure a non-slip and stable base. Optimal for protecting surfaces for already finished floor coverings. 

Application movie: You can watch a short, very informative application movie by scanning the QR code (top left) or on www.runpotec.com. 
Scope of delivery: 1 piece X BOARD XB 500 incl. X BOARD mandrel


product.techData.abmessungen: L 530 x B 530 x H 150 mm
product.techData.durchmesser: Ø 500 mm
product.techData.gewicht: 6,35 kg
product.techData.tragfaehigkeit: 800 kg
product.techData.trommelbreite: variable
product.techData.hoehe: 133 mm
product.techData.eanCode: 9120045475616


1 piece X BOARD XB 500 incl. X BOARD mandrel




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Product catalog (PDF)

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