XB 300 + RP5 - MULTI-SET Cable pulling system + univeral cable roller + multifunction mandrel in RUNPOTEC system case

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  • XB 300 Cable roller
  • Universal cable drum rewinder and unwinder
  • Compact - lightweight
  • Loadable up to 300 kg
  • Excellent for damaged cable drums
  • No cable clutter
  • Non-slip and stable base
  • Multifunction mandrel
  • Can be used in combination with XB 300, XB 500 and XB 500 T
  • Allows loose cable bundles and individual wires to be rolled
  • Telescopic centre mandrel, extendable up to 294 mm this allows high cable bundles or corresponding tube bundles to be accommodated
  • RP5 Cable pulling system
  • 50 % less friction resistance
  • 270 kg total breaking load
  • Almost breakproof
  • 2 x RG7 - guiding head with swivel Ø 7 mm
  • Glide back protection


The multifunction mandrel has been specially developed for XB 300, XB 500 and XB 500 T cable rolling systems. Loose cable bundles can also be rolled by attaching them to the stainless-steel center mandrel and then folding out the 4 side brackets. The telescopic center mandrel measures 72 mm in diameter. It is therefore also ideal for rolling a thinner cable bundle with a small inner diameter or individual wires. The normal height of the multifunction mandrel is 196 mm, which can be extended up to max. 294 mm via the telescopic mechanism. This means high cable bundles or corresponding tube bundles can also be rolled. When the 4 side brackets are unfolded, there is a total contact surface of 430 mm in diameter. Ideally, this should correspond to the respective cable or tube bundle. A designated opening allows the unit to be combined with the RUNPOSTICKS.
Optimum area of application: : XB 300: Rolling of (damaged) drums up to 300 kg as well as loose cable bundles or individual wires up to a max. height of 294 mm and a max. diameter of 430 mm, RP5: for pipe dimension 16 mm - 40 mm
Application video: a short, very informative application video can be viewed by scanning the QR code or on www.RUNPOTEC.com.
Scope of supply: 1 x XB 300, 1 x Multifunction mandrel, 1 x RP5 - 30 m, 1 x RUNPOTEC system case

Technical data

Diameter: XB 300: Ø 300 mm Multi-function mandrel: Ø 430 mm
Weight: 5,10 kg
Case size: B 405 mm │ L 440 mm │ H 136 mm
EAN-Code: 9120045476552

Scope of supply

1 x XB 300, 1 x Multifunction mandrel, 1 x RP5 - 30 m, 1 x RUNPOTEC system case
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