Eje para bobina Para elevador de bobinas de cable RUNPOLIFTER 4500 - en longitudes 1150│1350│1600 mm

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€ 519,00
P.V.P. recomendado (sin IVA)


  • Cojinetes integrados para cargas pesadas
  • Fijaciones de seguridad de acero inoxidable
  • Eje hueco altamente resistente
  • Gran ahorro de peso


The included drum shaft features two heavy duty pain bearings that enable the respective drum to be rolled comfortably without any trouble. Due to the high strength hollow shaft, it is very stable and has therefore a very low weight. 

Optimum area of application: for lifting and then rolling cable drums with a diameter of up to 1600 mm, a wide of max. 1200 mm and a max. weight of 4500 kg (only in combination with RUNPOLIFTER 4500) 

Application video: a short, very informative application video can be viewed by scanning the QR code or on www.runpotec.com. 
Scope of delivery:   
1 Stück Drum shaft 1150 mm or 
1 Stück Drum shaft 1350 mm or 
1 Stück Drum shaft 1600 mm

Datos técnicos

Longitud: 1150 mm
Diámetro: 54 mm
Peso: 11,00 kg
EAN-Code: 9120045476484

Volumen de suministro

Volumen de suministro: 1 eje de tambor de 1150 mm (anchura del tambor máx. de 800 mm) o 1 eje de tambor de 1350 mm (anchura del tambor máx. de 1000 mm) o 1 eje de tambor de 1600 mm (anchura del tambor máx. de 1250 mm)
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