RUNPOSTICKS Comfort - (19 parts) Cable pulling aids for not guided pipellines

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  • 30% higher load capacity due to basalt fibre technology
  • Plastic-coated 
    ► therefore no penetration of the fibres under the skin
  • Extreme bending radius
  • Ultra strong magnet
  • Sliding hook with tilt function
  • Shockproof LED Lamp
  • Practical storage bag
  • Stainless steel connection press fitted and bonded 


The new basalt technology allows extreme bending radii, however, the rods retain high dimensional stability. All connections have a RUNPOTEC RTG Ø 6 mm thread, have no butt edges or thread transitions. Objects weighing up to 2.5 kg can be held with the magnet. In combination with the magnet, the ball chain enables targeted locating or guiding to wall openings. In addition, the Comfort package includes the special sliding hook and can easily overcome obstacles up to 8 cm high thanks to the tilt function. The shockproof LED lamp also included has a very high luminosity and extremely long illumination time due to its AAA Duracell battery. All accessories can be perfectly stored in the practical storage bag with carrying strap. 
Optimal area of application: suspended ceilings, cable ducts, hollow walls, retroactive cabling for non-routed cables, underfloor shafts, various bushings and much more. 
Application video: a short, very informative application video can be viewed by scanning the QR code or on 
Scope of delivery: 5 x RUNPOSTICKS red (hard) Ø 7.5 mm, 3 x RUNPOSTICKS black (medium) Ø 5.5 mm, 2 x RUNPOSTICKS yellow (soft) Ø 4.5 mm, 1 x RUNPOGLEITER, 1 x extra strong magnet, 1 x ball chain, 1 x eyelet with ring, 1 x catch hook, 1 x connecting thread, 1 x storage bag, 1 x special sliding hook, 1 x shockproof LED lamp

Technical data

Dimensions: L 1005 x B 110 x H 50 mm
Weight: 1,05 kg
Material: Basalt rods, plastic-coated
EAN-Code: 9120045473100

Scope of supply

5 x RUNPOSTICKS red (hard) Ø 7.5 mm
3 x RUNPOSTICKS black (medium) Ø 5.5 mm
2 x RUNPOSTICKS yellow (soft) Ø 4.5 mm
1 x extra strong magnet
1 x ball chain
1 x eyelet with ring
1 x catch hook
1 x connecting thread
1 x storage bag
1 x special sliding hook
1 x shockproof LED lamp

Spare parts & accessories



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