RUNPOSTICKS red (hard) 2 x 410 mm ideal in combination with XB 500 T, XB 500 and XB 300

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  • Ideal in combination with the XB 500 T, XB 500 and XB 300 profi-cable roller 
  • Prevents small or light drums from slipping down 
  • 30 % higher resilience thanks to  basalt fiber technology
  • Plastic-coated, which prevents the fibers from penetrating under the skin 
  • No rusting 
  • No abutting edges 
  • Extreme bending radius


Thanks to new basalt technology, the most extreme bending radii are possible, but the rods remain dimensionally stable. No rusting - thanks to stainless steel connections, no abutting edges. The uniform RUNPOTEC thread RTG Ø 6 mm enables a wide variety of combinations. All accessories can be screwed on without an additional adapter. Excellent in combination with the X BOARD series XB 500 T, XB 500 and XB 300. The two RUNPOSTICKS can be easily stored in the lid of the XB 500 T or XB 500 and are therefore always with you and ready to hand. 

Optimal area of application: can be screwed onto the thread of the stainless-steel center mandrel of the X-BOARD series (XB 500 T, XB 500, XB 300) and thereby prevent smaller or lighter drums from slipping down. 

Application video: you can watch a short, very informative application video by scanning the QR code or on 

Scope of delivery: 2 x RUNPOSTICKS ret Ø 7,5 mm - length 410 mm each

Datos técnicos

Longitud: 410 mm
Peso: 0,084 kg
Material: Basalt rods, plastic-coated
Guía pasacables: 7,5 mm
Rosca: RTG Ø 6 mm
EAN-Code: 9120045477405

Volumen de suministro

2 x RUNPOSTICKS ret Ø 7,5 mm - length 410 mm each
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