XB 500 T - Telescop Cable Roller Profi-cable roller - loadable up to 800 kg

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  • Universal cable drum rewinder and unwinder  
    Suitable for all types of cables, pipes, wires and cable drums
  • Loadable up to 800 kg 
  • Larger filling volume  due to telescopic extensions, bigger pipe bundles can be unrolled  
  • Better unrolling of two cable bundles on top of each other  
  • Ideal for loose cable bundles 
  • Excellent for damaged cable drums 
  • Variable drum sizes 
  • Non-slip and stable base 
  • Can be combined with RM35 cable length measuring device


The compact XB 500 T (telescopic extension) is a universal professional cable drum reel and unwinder for all types of cables and pipes (core cables, cable rings, cable drums, empty pipes, ropes and cable drums). It enables trouble-free and efficient work without tangled cables. The XB 500 T (telescopic extension) can hold up to 800 kg and fits almost every type of drum.  
Especially suitable for damaged cable drums.  
The height-adjustable lid can be adjusted up to a filling height of 390 mm, making it perfectly designed to secure loose cables, cable rings or pipes in the XB 500 T. This prevents uncontrolled cable unwinding. The 6 fold-out support extensions can be extended up to Ø 800 mm using the telescopic extensions. The RUNPOSTICKS (2 x 410 mm, Ø 7.5 mm) stored in the lid can be screwed onto the thread of the stainless-steel center mandrel and thereby prevent smaller or lighter drums from slipping down. 12 rubberized feet ensure a non-slip and secure stand. Ideal for protecting surfaces for already finished floor coverings.  

Application video: you can watch a short, very informative application video by scanning the QR code or on www.runpotec.com. 

Scope of delivery: 1 x XB 500 T (telescopic extension) incl. XB Dorn and 2 x RUNPOSTICKS red Ø 7,5 mm – length: 410 mm

Datos técnicos

Diámetro: closed 500 mm - unfolded 800 mm
Peso: 7,25 kg
Capacidad de carga hasta: 800 kg
Otras funciones: Filling height unfolded 390 mm
EAN-Code: 9120045477009

Volumen de suministro

1 x X BOARD XB 500 T (telescopic extension) incl. X BOARD Dorn and 2 x RUNPOSTICKS red Ø 7,5 mm – length: 410 mm

Recambios y accesorios

RUNPOSTICKS red (hard) 2 x 410 mm

RUNPOSTICKS red (hard) 2 x 410 mm

Art. nº 20881
PVPR sin IVA € 16,00
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