Connection swirl with swivel for horizontal cable pulling in combination with the CW 800 E capstan winch

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€ 174,00


  • Stainless steel 
    Corrosion free
  • High quality ball bearings
  • Top price - performance ratio
  • Tensile load 1500 kg

The connecting swivel is used to connect RUNPOTEC polyester pulling ropes with the cables to be pulled or the deployed pulling die and to ensure twist compensation. Ideally suited in combination with the RUNPOTEC CW 800 E capstan winch. 

Made of stainless steel, with the highest quality ball bearings, make the connecting swivel from RUNPOTEC completely corrosion-free and thus one of the highest quality products on the market. 

Safety instructions: 
Not suitable for vertical cable pulling, must not be used to carry or lift loads or persons. 

Optimal application: for horizontal cable pulling in combination with the CW 800 E capstan winch 
Application video: a short, very informative application video can be viewed by scanning the QR code or on 
Scope of delivery: Connecting swivel with twist adjustment

product.techData.abmessungen: L 144 x B 30 x H 30 mm
product.techData.gewicht: 0,52 kg
product.techData.zuglast: 1500 kg
product.techData.gabelDurchmesser: 12 mm
product.techData.material: Stainless steel
product.techData.eanCode: 9120045475999

1 piece connecting swivel with twist adjustment 


Pulling rope polyester  Ø 10 mm

Pulling rope polyester Ø 10 mm

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accessories.price € 369,00
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